Winston-Salem Journal reports the City Council has approved construction on the bike path along Business I-40, which is also under construction.

Pretty much as usual, the one ‘no’ vote was the council’s lone conservative, Robert Clark:

Clark questioned the good of the project, saying he had doubts about how much it would get used.

“I have never seen a community put a sidewalk beside an interstate,” Clark said. “I can’t think of a place where I would rather not walk than an interstate.”

Council Member Dan Besse, who chairs the city’s public works committee, defended the pathway as one that will be used mainly by people on bikes. Clark was the only council member voting against the proposal.

Yes I know safety barriers will be in place, but anyone who’s driven Business 40 in W-S knows it’s a relic of the days when transportation planners thought it was a good idea to snake an interstate highway right along the edge of downtown. And it it doesn’t matter whether you’re walking or biking—-you’ll feel the draft of the race cars buzzing by.