Let’s see. For months we’ve had the framework built that says Mecklenburg County cannot afford parks, libraries, or schools without additional revenue. And we just happen to be on the cusp of a property tax revaluation.

Now, along comes card-carrying Uptown crowd member and facilitator to the stars Cyndee Patterson to declare that city of Charlotte government is marvelously efficient and wonderful — except for the fact that it does not have enough money for police and fire services. You know, the stuff government is supposed to do first.

Message to residents of Charlotte: if you want police and fire protection, it’ll cost ya. A lot. Why there will be absolutely no way imaginable for the city to adopt a revenue neutral property tax rate — not and provide public safety. And if you want parks, libraries, or schools, same deal with the county.

That is why I continue to say that many MeckCo residents are going to see a 10 to 20 percent property tax bump next year — all to pay for vital government services, of course.

Bonus Observation: Isn’t it fascinating that city government can go from blue skies and sunshine — the response we’ve gotten any time we’ve questioned the city’s fiscal sustainability — to gloom and doom in a heartbeat depending on what helps move the needle with the public? Bottomline, the city and county have been counting on that reval “windfall” and there is no way in hell they are gonna turn it loose. Even if it means puncturing the myth of local government staff infallibility.

Update: Having read the entire report now, even more fascinating that it admits that the end of free money via annexation will punch city finances in the gibbles and that property tax revenue is otherwise not gonna grow via new development either. Left unsaid — that leaves the reval to “capture” in Jennifer Roberts-speak enough revenue to fund the current size and scope of government.