Virginia parents tired of being told to sit down and go away by local school boards and the progressive elites had their say last Tuesday. They helped elect Republican Glenn Youngkin as the next governor. But does one case make a movement? I asked that question of veteran North Carolina political analyst Brad Crone on my show on NewsRadio 680 WPTF. Here’s what he discovered in his focus groups. LISTEN.


As you heard Brad say, this is real. But will Big Education and its Democrat supporters embrace the new reality of engaged parents? At this week’s virtual Shaftesbury Society forum, Carolina Journal Editor-in-Chief Donna King told us what she’s hearing. WATCH.



If Donna is right and we begin to hear a progressive message that parents have been duped with misinformation, hang on to your seats. It will be a bumpy Election 2022 for those who attempt to exclude parents from how their kids are educated and what they’re taught.

Stay tuned.