Asheville City Council candidates met at a Food Policy Council forum. I is-pose one reason I despise the concept of food policy is I feel guilty because I have such a hard time fasting or subsisting on a small handful of mush every third day in light of all the children in our community who presumably have no food. Secondly, I ask if these families who have no money for food also have money for smartphones and cable. I don’t have either, but I do have a car, which makes me a fuelish aristocrat. A third reason is I don’t want to be dependent on government for anything. My ideas are too unpopular. When government is in charge of feeding the masses, scarcity is sure to develop, and it is easy enough to legislate a politically innocuous system of distribution.

Most importantly, as I’ve said before, I agree with Johan Norberg in that, because he explains it so clearly, the world is bounteous and people are loving and willing to share. Huge rescue efforts always rush to the relief of the disaster-stricken. The only reason, he says, for persistent starvation in African countries is kleptocracy – evil dictators who do not let the food get to the people.

So, what’s goin’ on in Asheville? Huh?