Tristan Justice writes for the Federalist about a recent disturbing interaction.

I was turned down for a lease on a new apartment Sunday, and it was no secret why.

I’m not a smoker, I don’t have any pets, my credit is in good shape and I have no criminal history, at least in the eyes of the law. Through the lens of progressive wokesters under our new world order however, my crime was committed in 2016 when I cast a ballot for Donald Trump.

Never mind why. The landlord wasn’t sincerely interested after asking within the first 60 seconds of our FaceTime chat who I supported four years ago, turning me away explicitly because of who I voted for in the last election while calling me a racist who posed a significant danger to the largely minority neighborhood in the process.

Other than my electoral history, she never learned anything about me, like the fact that most of my friends happen to be non-white gay people. Of course just saying that is likely to trigger accusations of racism from self-proclaimed social justice warriors since nothing, literally nothing a white person can say without bowing down to the radical demands of Black Lives Matter can exonerate the inherent racism, which is racist in and of itself.

I’m not sharing this story to claim abject victimhood. Quite the opposite actually. I genuinely felt sorry for the woman on the phone who began to lob charges of white supremacy at me based on a single vote cast along with nearly 63 million other people.

In fact, I repeatedly apologized, not for my vote, but for her own corrupted intolerance that led her to so hastily vilify me as unworthy of being a rent-paying tenant.

It must be exhausting for those who believe that anyone who disagrees with them in the slightest is evil and racist. What a horrible way to live.