Robert King of the Washington Examiner reports the latest developments in the U.S. Senate’s effort to repeal and replace Obamacare.

More than a dozen Republican senators are shifting gears to figure out how to repeal Obamacare’s insurance regulations.

The 14-member Senate working group had been expected to discuss the law’s taxes when it meets Tuesday. But a source familiar with the meeting told the Washington Examiner that they instead will focus on Obamacare’s insurance regulations.

The change comes after a meeting last week on what to do about the law’s insurance regulations yielded little progress. The regulations mandate what an insurer that wants to sell plans on the law’s exchanges on the individual market have to do.

Mandates include covering people with pre-existing conditions and other regulations such as prohibiting lifetime limits on insurance plans. …

… The Senate hasn’t set any timetable for its own bill. House Speaker Paul Ryan recently told a Wisconsin radio show that he hopes the Senate completes its work in about two months, which would be around the time Congress breaks for its month-long August recess.

But Ryan cautioned that he doesn’t “try to predict” what the upper chamber does anymore.