In her latest column, Star Parker calls for the unthinkable–let’s not save Social Security, let’s dump it. Parker’s proposal?

“there is only one honest approach to Social Security: fulfill obligations to pay benefits to those who have already paid in and allow the rest of us as quick and expeditious an exit out as possible. Then shut the doors forever.”

This is what many on the left think George Bush is up to with his puny 2 percent private accounts. But unfortunately they are mistaken. The President really does want to bail FDR out. The liberals should take heart. There is not a New Deal or Great Society program that Republicans have not embraced or even expanded upon. When one of these programs gets sick, instead of allowing it to die a horrible and ugly death, the Republicans all vow to kiss it and make it better. It’s amazing that when it comes to issues like the Patriot Act the left is convinced that Bush is a fascist but when it comes to Social Security he’s a radical libertarian. In reality he is not as bad as they make him out to be on the former and not as good as they make him out to be on the latter.