Liberals, who think of themselves as tolerant of all, especially of “the little man,” have always been quick to ridicule those who live in mobile homes. “Trailer trash” is a favorite term of derogation for liberals who want to make fun of Wal-Mart shoppers, NASCAR lovers and even those who accuse Democratic presidents of sexual harrassment. It’s a knee-jerk putdown of rural whites, sort of the liberals’ N-word, but acceptable because 1) it’s liberals using it, and 2) it ridicules whites.

The use of this slur, and the ensuing lack of outrage, has moved “trailer trash” into the vernacular even of those who don’t make it their aim in life to be scornful of normal, hard-workin’ folks. Today, in an AP story about Christmas tree poaching, one tree grower who had been victimized by a poacher had this to say:

?Somebody must have seen it over the years and decided, ?Hey, this will look good in my trailer,?’ he said.

First of all, the tree that was pilfered was a 13-foot Sierra redwood. I’ve been in lots of trailers, mobile homes and modular homes and not one of them had a 13-foot ceiling. The assumption that a trailer dweller stole the tree shows just how damaging the use of the T-word by liberals has been. I say we begin a campaign to outlaw the use of “trailer trash” by stand-up comics, rappers, actors and tree growers.