There’s a wonderful story of entrepreneurship developing in the Triangle and it involves NC State students who’ve used their curiosity and business skills to develop a product likely to make them millionaires. Their idea is poised to solve the problem that occurs when you try to get the last of the peanut butter out of the jar. The solution involves a new type of jar, and already, manufacturers are very interested. Kudos to Sean Echevarria, Michael Bissette, Spencer Vaughn, and Stephen Smith.

The team has several upcoming meetings in the next few weeks, says Vaughn. The team, a mixture of recent grads and current seniors, is looking at both licensing and purchase options.

“We have a number,” Echevarria says. “We’ve talked about it several times. As the days go on, the number is getting bigger.”

But it’s a big decision, and it’s not just about a dollar figure, he says.

“If we licensed, it would be cool, because it would give us time to acquire other skills that would let us better handle a company in the future,” he adds.

This is what America and capitalism are all about. Awesome story.