How lame is this. A photo of President Obama and three goomers in Ohio trying to spell out O-H-I-O actually shows them spelling O-I-H-O. The “H” in the bonehead misspelling lineup is none other than our perfect president. Apparently, realizing how stupid this was, the four did it right on the second try and another photo was taken of that effort. Here’s the misspelling fiasco:

When the photo of Obama being involved in the misspelling hit the internet and went viral, The Washington Post and others in the MSM, notably Jake Tapper of ABC, quickly came to the conclusion that the embarrassing photo was Photoshopped.

And why did they think this? Did they see suspicious fuzziness and halos around some of the people in the photo? No, the only thing they had to go on was their belief that Obama is so brilliant and infallible that he never would have been caught in such a Dan Quayle-like misspelling.

It quickly became obvious that the photo was genuine, and here’s how the gutless Washington Post registered its error on Twitter:

“We were FOOLED”??? Fooled by what? Who tried to “fool” you, Washington Post? Who tried to “fool” Jake Tapper? No one. A commenter on Twitchy got the motivation right when they said those members of the MSM who so quickly jumped to the wrong conclusion had been “dragged down by heavy drool buckets.”