I barely got to know my husband’s grandmother before she passed away early in my marriage. She spoke broken English, preferring to communicate with her older family and friends in Spanish. But she and I learned to communicate in a universal language: through food. Although elderly, she still cooked Mexican food from scratch. It was unbelievably good and bridged the language gap. In today’s woke parlance, food was inclusive.

Fast forward to today, where food and breaking bread are being commandeered by the woke Leftists. They’re all about exclusion.

From CNN:

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has said he hires “teams of cultural appropriation specialists” to vet his recipes and make sure they are safe for publication in his cookbooks. “Your immediate reaction is to be defensive and say, ‘For the love of God, really?’ And then you go, ‘Well, we don’t want to offend anyone,'” Oliver told the Sunday Times Culture magazine in an interview published Sunday.

It’s nonsensical, but it’s mainstream thought among the woke. I’m tempted to be angry. But then I think about my husband’s grandmother. She would find this laugh-out-loud funny. And then she’d walk into the kitchen and make some Mexican food.