Religious intolerance is everywhere — most notably as a fundamental tenant of ObamaCare – and now we know religious intolerance is entrenched at Florida’s Rollins College as well. The trustees have told a Christian student group it is engaging in discrimination by having a rule that says its leaders must be, well, Christians. Yes, how dare this group of well, Christians, decide that it wants its leaders to be, well, Christians.

“The principles of the nondiscrimination policy, which are at the heart of the educational process, are inconsistent with allowing exceptions for student organizations,” the college said in a statement. “Such exemptions would be inconsistent with the processes of learning and growth that the College seeks to foster.”

Greg Jao, InterVarsity’s national field director, told Fox News that the college’s decision sends an ominous message to Christian students.

“Their actions suggest if you have strongly held religious beliefs – you are not welcome on the campus – particularly if you have any intention of living them out,” Jao said. “It suggests religion is an impermissible or a disfavored category that’s not worthy of the same protections as gender or sexual orientation.”

InterVarsity said it welcomes all students and faculty members to participate in their organization. However, leaders are required to sign a statement of faith.

Common sense is dead, religious intolerance is alive and well.