Some in North Carolina want to expand Medicaid to able-bodied, childless adults. But there’s a better way to make sure vulnerable populations have access to medical care, and to lower costs. Our Jordan Roberts makes the case against expanding Medicaid in North Carolina:

Expanding Medicaid is a temporary, albeit insufficient, fix for the problems of high costs in the health care system. As a state, we should reject a program that has long been plagued with fraud, waste, and abuse. Instead, we should seek to address the structural problems that make health care so expensive. Expanding Medicaid will not only fail to address the costs of high medical care, it further entrenches a system that contributes to inflated health care costs. There are solutions that may reduce the costs of care, and North Carolina lawmakers should choose to pursue them, rather than expand a flawed program that would only help a small, specific population.

Let’s work together and adopt real health care solutions that work for those in need.