radical leftists trying to destroy North Carolina

The very same cartel of radical progressives that flipped Colorado and Virginia has its eye on North Carolina. They’re tapping into the rapidly growing zeal for socialism that we’re seeing in presidential candidates. North Carolina is #1 on their list. They plan to spend millions to convince North Carolina voters to elect far Left candidates who are poised to carry their anti-freedom agenda into our General Assembly and into statewide elected offices.

When you make a tax-deductible investment in the John Locke Foundation, you’re building a protective wall against the radical Left. Every dollar you contribute helps fortify the defense and fuel the pushback. As JLF enters our fourth decade of service to North Carolina, we are committed to defending our shared values of economic and personal freedom – and pushing for more. With you as our partner, we will make our mark for truth, for freedom, for the future of North Carolina.

YES, count me in. I’m stepping up to join the fight against radical Leftists who are targeting North Carolina.