Parents who are dissatisfied with Wake County’s high school math program, the MVP Math Curriculum, mounted a good-faith effort to convince the school board to adopt a math curriculum that addressed their concerns.  The News & Observer has the details.

Wake County school leaders stood by the district’s use of a controversial new high school math curriculum on Tuesday, even as some parents and students continued their lobbying efforts to get the program dropped.

Wake County school administrators said that while the the new MVP Math Curriculum has been rigorous and demanding, it’s what students need to learn for the 21st century. Staff was backed by school board members who said Tuesday they’re putting their trust in the recommendations of a district review committee in continuing to use MVP.

I truly appreciate what these parents have done and wish that more parents would come together to communicate their concerns to the Wake County school board.  But it was an uphill battle from the start.  School boards tend to defer to staff on curriculum matters.  And only a critical mass of dissatisfied parents, illegal activity, an egregious error, or a substantial drop in student test scores would have motivated the school board to make changes.

It’s time for these parents to explore charter, private, and home school options.