….Now what to do with him? Charlotte Observer reports historians have found a definitive link between Stonewall Street and –you guessed it—confederate Gen. Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson. Now what to do….

A couple of things going on here–cutting to the chase, local historian Dan Morrill said what is not said enough—that most Charlotte residents don’t think at all about any sort of connection—“that’s just Stonewall Street to them.”

But here’s the bigger issue:

Renaming Stonewall Street in 2017 may be harder than 10 years ago. Since then, the city has built a light rail stationed named for the road, and developer Crescent Communities is building an upscale shopping center named “Stonewall Station” and a residential and retail project called “550 Stonewall.”

Talk about past and future on a collision course. Probably the best thing to do is ask your average snowflake Lynx Blue Line rider (and Whole foods shopper) who Stonewall Jackson is. That should provide guidance regarding the appropriate action.