If you get a knock on your door in Orange County, an “ambassador” representing county government will “educate” you about recycling laws. Right now the county is seeking volunteers in neighborhoods heavily populated by returning students. Below, the county’s staffer in charge describes the activity. According to this county chart, residents were charged nearly $3.8 million in what’s called the “3R Fee” in Fiscal Year 2009-2010. The mandatory fee — for me it’s about $75 per year — is added to my property tax bill.

Volunteers will go door to door with fliers and explain to students how to keep the streets clean. This is the third year that public works has helped run this program and Williman says it’s had a palpable effect.
“We’ve definitely seen a difference not just in keeping our streets clean but also in increasing recycling,” she says. “The feedback I’ve received from residents is really positive. They like seeing their government in action. It’s a great way to touch the people that use out services.”