About that $528 million “green energy” loan from the Energy Department to Solyndra:


Congressional Republicans have called for a probe of the Obama administration’s clean-energy program, noting that a major Obama campaign donor runs a foundation that was the biggest private investor in Solyndra.

Several workers agreed with a criticism now being leveled in Washington: Solyndra should not have publicly asserted that the company was in good shape just weeks before the abrupt shuttering that left 1,100 people unemployed.

So where’s the $528 million? From the Washington Post’s editorial:


The details of the federal investigation are not yet public, but they probably have something to do with Solyndra’s unexpected announcement Aug. 31 that it is filing for bankruptcy, leaving hundreds of workers jobless — and taxpayers on the hook for almost all of its government-backed loan. The collapse of one of the Obama administration’s signature “green jobs” efforts might mutate from an embarrassment to a scandal.