My JLF colleague Sarah Curry posted a blog at sister blog The Locker Room that instantly got my attention. Why? Because, like Sarah, who is having to replace her water heater, I’m looking at possible replacement myself. And, as it turns out, Sarah has discovered that a federal energy regulation set to go into effect in April will cost all of us more money.

When I asked our plumber how this will effect us in the future, his focus was on the cost. According to our plumber, cost estimates from wholesalers are increasing $450-$700 per water heater. This does not include the labor or installation, just the increase in what a water heater would cost today. In addition to the cost of the unit increasing, there are also changes to the installation. The new regulations will require vent changes or reconfiguration, both of which will require permits and also increase the cost of installation. Depending on your model, a new electrical outlet will be required and will require the service of both an electrician and a plumber to install a new hot water heater, this will require an electrical and plumbing permit which will also increase the cost.

You’ll find Sarah’s full blog here.