I never thought I’d be saying it, but the local daily is hitting them out of the park today. That is, the front page is full of excellent reporting. One good article in particular goes after the commissioners for signing a confidentiality agreement with the unnamed project that appears now to be Deschutes Brewery. Those who oppose the brewery are arguing over technicalities, as one must in today’s legal system. In terms of dinosaur common sense, though, tax dollars are the people’s dollars. I can grasp private corporations requesting confidentiality in negotiations, but it is as absurd as the home of a man in red Spandex to hold public comment on something about which the public is clueless. And, for the umpteenth time, economic development incentives are a tool of cronyism. They socialize the risk and privatize the benefits. Government is not supposed to be an instrument to pump wealth and power to cronies. That is injustice, which is what the Founders were trying to prevent. Go get ’em Citizen-Times.