Ben Shapiro takes aim in the Daily Wire at a particularly silly bit of journalism from the Washington Post.

Whitney Houston may have warbled that the children are our future. But they’re not great political analysts right now. The folks over at The Washington Post seem to have forgotten this particular fact, so they decided to head over to four third-grade classes around Washington D.C. to hear what the tykes have to say about the issues of the day.

Unsurprisingly, the small children thought and spoke like small children, which meant they sounded like Leftists. As the Post acknowledged, “While the students were diverse socioeconomically, they were — like the Washington region as a whole — exceedingly un-diverse when it came to politics. In the three classes where I asked how many students would have voted for Hillary Clinton, all hands went up.”

So, who cares what a bunch of eight-year-olds whose parents voted for Hillary Clinton have to say? The Post does!

They do because they get to quote cute-looking tots speaking the language of the #Resistance. Take, for instance, Mason Felice of Bellows Spring: “I’m scared now that Donald Trump’s president, because ever since he was president a lot of bad things have been happening.” Or Devonte Holland of DC Scholars: “I think that Hillary should’ve won because people are saying that Trump cheated in the election because they said he was working with Russia or ISIS or something.” Or Makalynn Dunn of DC Scholars: “I would vote for Hillary Clinton because Donald Trump doesn’t like black people and Hillary Clinton does.” …

… The kids were Bernie Sanders socialists as well — because, after all, they’re children. Sanders is old enough to know better, but these kids aren’t. Here’s Ranaia Robinson of Robert R. Gray: “I think all people should have a house, money, food, a job and somewhere to sleep. Because it’s not fair!”

And virtually all the kids are climatologists, it turns out. Cary Stenberg of Georgetown Day has a degree in astrophysics, apparently: “The fact that animals are dying because of climate change, it’s bad.”