Really, Charlotte Observer? Check out Observer editorial board associate editor Peter St. Onge’s column on Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore and “the party that makes you want to cringe”:

…Political observers, professional and otherwise, spend too much time fretting about the 35 or so percent of voters who will never vote for anyone other than a Republican, including Donald Trump. The next three years of elections will be decided by another 15 percent – voters who are moderate to conservative, and embarrassed. They’re uneasy with a president who’s personally distasteful to them. They sure don’t want to be aligned with Roy Moore.

It’s why Republicans in Washington dread a Moore victory as much as some Republicans in Alabama. Not only is the GOP becoming the party that takes your health care benefits and tilts tax reform toward the rich. It’s the party that makes you cringe. In politics, there may be nothing worse.

I’m not defending Roy Moore here, and all indications are should he win Alabama’s special election he will be dealt with in the Senate. I’m just not sure where Mr. St. Onge is getting his news these days, considering the vast majority of alleged sexual misconduct has been on the part of Democrats and their buddies in the media and entertainment industry.