Notice you’re paying more for gas, among other things? I have. Axios reports the Biden political machine is worried the president will be blamed.

The Biden White House increasingly views rising gasoline prices as a source of potential political peril — and is now asking some of the world’s biggest oil producers to pump more oil.

Here’s the chart that shows the steep rise in the price, from $2.24 in January to $3.18 in August.

Data: AAA; Chart. Axios Visuals

The White House should be worried. But not just about the political implications. The president should be worried that massive spending, along with forcing businesses to compete with government benefits for workers, has led to inflation we haven’t seen in many years. And inflation is a tax on Americans, plain and simple.

Add to the White House’s worries this polling about the fear of tax hikes.

In an August survey by Scott Rasmussen and RMG Research, 61% of registered voters said they believed the Biden administration would raise taxes on middle-class Americans, even as they were reminded of the president’s pledge. Twenty-seven percent said they believed a tax increase was unlikely, while 12% said they were unsure.

It’s all taking its toll on how Americans view Mr. Biden. What’s clear is that people who voted for him are souring on his presidency, as seen quite clearly in this chart. 

Now you know the multiple reasons the Biden White House is worried. And it’s taken only six months.