The News & Observer reports here on reaction from the accrediting agency AdvancED to the Democratic Party majority on the Wake County school board’s actions, including firing Superintendent Tony Tata. From AdvancED president Mark Elgart:

With AdvancED now looking into a new complaint filed by the Wake County Taxpayers Association, Elgart said he’s worried about the continued trend of major decisions being made along 5-4 partisan lines. Elgart said that these actions could result in Wake remaining under investigation and not getting full accreditation restored to its high schools this year.

“Their actions are concerning to us,” Elgart said. “This could most certainly affect their accreditation.”

There has been much written about the policies of student assignment  and the qualities and temperament needed in a superintendent. What hasn’t received enough attention is this: there IS a difference between a Democrat school board member and a Republican school board member. They have very different policy views and start from a different mindset about the role of schools, parents, and teachers. Voters deserve full disclosure on the ballot. I say put the “Rs” and the “Ds” back on the ballot and give voters important information from which to make an informed vote. After all, isn’t that what everyone says they want?