It has been a terrible day in many respects. The main problem was obnoxious browsers that want to take control of the computer and force me to use bad search engines that return nothing to my inquiries. I am under three deadlines, and I don’t have time to fight with the computer, but I have to, anyway.

The big news out here was, at the request of Jerry Sternberg, I suffered through another master plan. This was for Asheville’s River Arts District’s form-based code. I knew it would be a lot of shoulding on others and a lot of hifalutin touchy-feely. I didn’t expect to see in the very first pages a call for the local gas station to close and another call for African-Americans to diversify the area with jazz and soul food. Are these items poison pills from invested operatives or merely a show of how sensitivity training is only necessary for conservatives trying to earn a good, honest living?