So, I got a real nice job doing engineering design for a development that will keep me busy for the next five years. The development is one of hundreds of innovations in the construction industry that combines luxury with environmental sensitivity. The one I’m working on is half paid already by advances from wannabe tenants. We can thank 3D printing for opening so many unregulated markets.

Since I will be working engineer’s hours, I won’t have time for this blog, anymore. But then, there is no need, as Governor Pat is in sync with the other US governors in vowing to uphold Obama’s executive orders to strictly uphold the US Constitution and ditch every stitch of government overreach as expeditiously as he can while avoiding catastrophe. For example, his wind-down program for the IRS is going to take three years, and it is going to take three to six years to acculturate generational welfare recipients to working-class lifestyles. With all the industry popping up, that shouldn’t be a problem, because one need only walk out the door to catch a good rung on one of myriad career ladders open for all skill levels.

On the local level, members of Asheville City Council and the Buncombe County Commissioners have had an epiphany. By way of proclamation at specially-called meetings yesterday, they announced truth is the best policy, and they are henceforth going to use the powers granted them by the people to unravel injustice instead of creating more. Surprisingly, it is not because there is so much development they don’t have enough time to micromanage it. As it turns out, they’re all Chicago-Austrian economists, but they were afraid to come out of the closet because nobody wanted to be the first.

And perhaps most importantly, the Isis cats decided to turn their weapons into plowshares and pruning hooks. They confessed they were not disadvantaged youth reaching out for an identity, but rather highly-paid tools of rabble rousers. They, too, saw the light, decided to get a life, and joined the throng of folks taking an eternal perspective and working to improve the psychological, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and physical lots of their neighbors. What’s more, the race baiters decided the money Fox News was paying them to look like idiots wasn’t worth it, anymore, and they, for the most part, have gone back to school to study engineering so they can catch the wave of the future.