Boone residents who are about to be drawn into a Wellness District are not all happy, and it is not because somebody left “Children” out of the district title. Many said they were not informed about the planning process which, incidentally, is more-of-the-same Smart Growth rhetoric to accommodate Appalachian State University’s creation of a 200,000 sq. ft. College of Health Sciences building by the hospital. It is not, as I had supposed, an attempt to make those living within the lines eat arugula. Planning board member Jeff Templeton thought the plan was pie in the sky. It, like so many zonings before it, would impose rules and regulations, but there was no path to prosperity. Why, the planners even through away the key. Not in so many words, he conveyed a picture of knee-capping the folks and telling them they’ll be triathletes. Landlord Rob Holton concurred. He owns a lot of residential rentals. All he saw the plan doing was raising his property taxes, the increase being payable via transfers from his repair-and-maintenance budget.