If you’re a regular reader of the editorials in The News & Observer you already know that they’re just a transcription of Democrat leftist talking points. Rather than examine both sides of an issue and come down on a thoughtful position, the writers for the N&O’s edit page simply regurgitate arguments from the left side of the spectrum. Every. Single. Day.

So you can imagine my lack of surprise this morning when the chin-strokers at the Josephus Daniels compound in downtown Raleigh decided, after much rumination, that President Obama’s “jobs plan” is just the thing the country needs.

Nowhere in the editorial, by the way, is the most important question asked: If Obama’s previous $800 billion stimulus was a failure, why should a $450 billion second stimulus be any more successful? No, that would have required a bit of an open mind, or a sensitivity to empirical facts.

But here’s the capper (emphasis added):

This is no time for thumb-twiddling. This is an emergency. If Republicans have constructive ideas that go beyond upper-income tax cuts, let’s hear them. In any case, they must rise above partisanship and put America’s working families first.

The N&O edit page calling for others to “rise above partisanship” is akin to an AFL-CIO longshoreman calling for civility in discourse.