Voters in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County will decide this fall whether to keep or repeal their special half-cent sales tax for transit services. The John Locke Foundation is hosting a free, public debate on the topic Wednesday morning, and Chad Adams will discuss the issue this weekend in Carolina Journal Radio.

Another Adams ? Mike Adams ? will offer his assessment of some of the positive changes made during UNC President Erskine Bowles’ short tenure. Adams especially focuses on efforts to get rid of restrictive university speech codes.

Among North Carolina’s private universities, High Point is using free-market principles to help distinguish itself from the crowd. Stephanie Crofton of the HPU business school will explain.

Meanwhile, Libertarian Barbara Howe will explain why “handguns are a girl’s best friend,” and Roy Cordato will explain why he’s keeping his eye on a couple of environmental groups that like to skew data in the debate over global warming.