Carolina Journal Radio marks its 800th weekly episode by highlighting some of the most interesting figures to appear on the program over the past 15 years. Among the notable interviewees: Fred Barnes, Arthur Brooks, Charles Cooke, Steve Forbes, Robert George, Jonah Goldberg, Mary Katharine Ham, Andrew McCarthy, Deroy Murdock, Charles Murray, Peggy Noonan, Michael Novak, P.J. O’Rourke, Ramesh Ponnuru, Virginia Postrel, John Stossel, Cal Thomas, and Walter Williams.

Terry Stoops analyzes the most important information about N.C. public school student performance released recently from state education officials in Raleigh. Rick Henderson discusses a new legislative committee set up to address questions surrounding a $58 million fund set up in connection with the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

Chancellor Carol Folt of UNC-Chapel Hill and university Board of Governors member Thom Goolsby respond to the controversy surrounding the toppled Silent Sam statue. Plus you’ll hear highlights from a recent N.C. Historical Commission meeting dealin with the future of Confederate monuments on the State Capitol grounds.