Daily Haymaker goes off on N&R reporter/political columnist Joe Killian’s ‘weepy, metrosexual letter’ to Senate candidate Thom Tillis explaining how much alike they really are —as much as a reporter for a struggling daily and the state Speaker of the House can be:

I don’t know how you live with yourself while disseminating such utter crap to your dwindling reader base. ObamaCare is a hellacious incentive to keep wages down. If you pay people more, or add more full time employees, you get popped by all kinds of punitive ObamaCare-related taxes. Low-wage, blue-collar and temporary work is growing so much faster than professional career opportunities. And you have Kay Hagan and Barry Obama’s pet monster to thank for that.

…Joe Killian appears to be laying the groundwork for a job with Kay Hagan in her second term. By showing off his true colors and using his First Amendment-protected freedoms to further his personal agenda, he’s doing an incredible disservice to his community and this state.

Ouch. Ok, as an N&R subscriber I’m familiar with Killian’s work, and he’s also been pretty active on the local blogosphere, so his politics come as no surprise, and therefore this column came as no surprise. But what jumped out at me when reading Killian’s column was when he wrote that Tillis’ “work in Raleigh has hurt the state’s excellent university system, making a good education more expensive for low-income kids who are trying to work their way through college.”

That ship sailed a long time ago, dude. Way gone are the days when a kid —such as this humble blogger with middle-class roots —-could go home for a summer and get a job lifeguarding, working construction, working in the grocery store and earn a semester’s tuition, including room and board. Now a year of college takes a year’s salary for many working-class parents —and that was going down long before Thom Tillis came on the scene.

And who will the university administrators and professors vote for come November? I’ve got a good guess — as good as my guess about Joe Killian’s vote.