Sen. Thom Tillis issues a statement following the FCC’s overrule of North Carolina law placing restrictions on municipal broadband, which was passed in 2011 when Tillis was state House speaker:

“It is disturbing, yet not surprising, that the FCC and Chairman (Tom) Wheeler are attempting to deny the sovereign right of states to make their own laws,” Tillis said in a statement. “After witnessing how some local governments wasted taxpayer dollars and accumulated millions in debt through poor decision-making, the legislatures of states like North Carolina and Tennessee passed commonsense, bipartisan laws that protect hardworking taxpayers and maintain the fairness of free-market competition.”

According to Tillis’ statement, Wilson lost money on the project: $2.1 million in 2008, $1.1 million in 2009. $1.4 million in 2010, $1.06 million in 2011, and $1.3 million in 2012.

It made a profit of $723,881 in 2013.

Tillis has also introduced draft legislation along with Rep. of Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, which also had its broadband law overturned when Chattanooga joined Wilson in the petition to the FCC.

Stay tuned— most of the coverage on this issue makes the assumption it will end up in court. But will N>C’s attorney general step up and go to bat for law passed by evil Republicans?

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