Editors at Issues and Insights chide left-wing activists who misuse a particular “f” word.

A couple of days ago, we posted a satirical piece, call it a sati-torial, with a list of headlines we’re never going to see. One of them said “Democrats Realize They’ve Been Using The Word ‘Fascist’ Wrong For Decades.” There’s a lot of truth in there. The way the political left tosses around that word shows that they have no idea what it means.

Or maybe they do. And they’re intentionally applying it wrongly because they’re driven by their depravity.

Either way, we’ve been hearing it for decades. And its use has accelerated in recent years along with the irresponsible usage of “white supremacy” and “white privilege.”

Exactly two months ago, Clinton Treasury Secretary Robert Reich wrote a column for the loose-screw Guardian under the headline “​​The modern Republican party is hurtling towards fascism.”

The Independent, another British propaganda sheet, in 2021 ran the rantings of columnist Patrick Cockburn, who declared Republicans were replicating “the structure of fascist movements in Europe in the 1920s and 1930s.”

In a bizarre speech last summer heavy with Third Reich overtones, Joe Biden said “the entire philosophy that underpins” Trump-supporting Republicans is “like semi-fascism.” His press secretary the next day said “It is very clear” that “what MAGA Republicans have done” fits “the definition of fascism.”

Years earlier, George W. Bush had “come to embody the f-word” – fascist – “for a whole generation of activists.”

Our Power Line friend Steven Hayward was prescient in 2008 when he said “the left will go on deploying ‘fascism’ as a conversation-stopper against conservatives, even though the term ought to be associated overwhelmingly with” the political left.

Though they make their claims with a stomach-turning self-assuredness, never in their ravings do the accusers point out even approximately what fascism is, or what fascists do.