Hans von Spakovsky writes for the Federalist about a clear contradiction that crops up frequently on the political left.

The “Jim Crow” label is being thrown out a lot these days by those on the left, including Joe Biden. They use it to smear those who dare oppose their radical policies.

Yet if that label comes close to fitting anyone today, it’s the left. They are the ones who have implemented a discriminatory racial-spoils system in government and academic institutions throughout the country. Democrats’ racial preferences have much more in common with Jim Crow than what Biden likes to call “Jim Crow 2.0,” referring to benign Republican efforts to ensure election integrity.

Let’s start with President Joe Biden’s announcement that he will consider only a black woman for the U.S. Supreme Court. This is something no private employer is allowed to do: disregard all other qualified job candidates to make a hiring decision based solely on race and sex.

In virtually every other context, such odious behavior would violate the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which bans racial and sex discrimination in employment and many other facets of everyday life, including education. That law not only made racial and sex discrimination unlawful, it helped change American society to make such discrimination morally unacceptable, as it should be.

The law does not apply to a president for constitutional reasons, but by ignoring it and engaging in such a discriminatory practice, what is the example Biden is giving the nation? Does he want us to believe that discrimination on the basis of race or sex is acceptable if it serves political ends, even though it means other individuals are hurt despite their outstanding credentials?

That’s not really judging individuals based on the “content of their character,” as Martin Luther King Jr. hoped, is it?