WTVD reports the good news,

Kestrel Heights Charter High School in Durham has gone from near closure to bright future.

The school’s charter was set to expire in 2020, but now Kestrel Heights is one of only five charter schools in the state to be recommended for a 10-year renewal by the State Board of Education. That’s the longest amount of time allowed.

Back in 2017, the state voted unanimously to close Kestrel Heights after it was discovered to have handed out diplomas to graduates who didn’t earn them.

The state said during an eight year span, the school improperly gave out diplomas to 160 students.

Kestrel Heights was required to make major academic and financial changes. Officials are calling the school’s amazing turnaround a real success story.

So, the threat of closure provided an incentive for the school to make academic and financial improvements.  Who would have thunk it?

Of course, that incentive does not exist for most district schools, which will remain open regardless of academic or financial shortcomings.