Community Policing Research Paper

As crime soars and the breakdown of public order takes its toll on our country, analysis from the John Locke Foundation signals it’s time to adopt a different approach to crime control, one that shifts the focus further upstream, looking at prevention models, rather than exclusively on punitive measures. In this July 2021 report, John Locke Foundation researcher and author Jon Guze explains that the current focus of catching, convicting, and punishing perpetrators after crimes have been committed has come with enormous economic and social costs.

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Thriving in North Carolina Research Paper

Charlotte’s ranking in a 2014 study as 50th of 50 large cities for economic mobility ignited an effort among city leaders to understand the causes and propose solutions. One of those attempts highlighted a pattern of government policies from the 1930s through the 1960s, some well-intentioned and others not, that erected barriers to opportunity in Black communities. Busing and other targeted attempts to help people surmount those barriers over the ensuing years have been unsuccessful and unsustainable. Dismantling barriers to opportunity will not ensure better outcomes, but it will expand the number of paths to prosperity that are available and reduce the cost of daily life.

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