Triad Conservative says Greensboro— and its paper of record—have “gone Mayberry” over Tiger Woods’ decision to grace us with his presence at the Wyndham Championship:

Greensboro’s liberal political and media elites have a condescending attitude toward small town and rural North Carolina.

They regard the concept of Mayberry as being beneath them. They regard themselves– and their chosen place to live– as far too cosmopolitan and diverse and complex and progressive and sophisticated and urbane and multicultural to be associated in any way with the mythical Mayberry.

But then Tiger Woods came to Greensboro to play in the Wyndham Championship. All of a sudden, they are behaving like country hayseeds, becoming hyper-excited over the idea that a former great player is competing in the hometown tournament. We see wall-to-wall coverage of his every move by the News and Record. We see a live blog over at Fox 8. WFMY also pours it on.

They stand with their mouths agape, awestruck to be in the mighty Woods’ presence.

Greensboro’s political and media elites, of course, believe ardently in both cultural relativism and sexual liberationism, which is distinctively un-Mayberry. Perhaps that is why they find Woods’ visit intriguing.

In any event, their reaction to his visit makes me think back to when Gomer Pyle used to exclaim, “Golllll….eeee!!!”

Indeed, today’s N&R editorial lays it on pretty thick. With all this in mind, you can’t help but note Woods’ comments –if you believe what you read in Ed Hardin’s column—- about Gboro’s “small town atmosphere,” prompting Hardin to quip Woods “thinks we’re quaint. Bless his heart.”

That’s the problem with the media–they want what they want when they want it. When they want Gboro to be big city, it needs to be big city; when they want it to be small town, then it needs to be small town—-long as it’s not made up of a bunch of white-ignorant-uneducated Jesse Helms-Donald Trump supporters.