David Harsanyi of the Federalist calls on President Biden to stop appeasing terrorists.

After the slaughter of more than a thousand Jews in Israel, among them beheaded infants and impaired elderly women burned alive, President Joe Biden delivered a righteous speech defending Israel and condemning the antisemitism of Hamas as “pure, unadulterated evil.”

We should expect this kind of sentiment from any leader of a nation of civilized people after the single worst act of butchery against Jews since the Holocaust. And, earnestly, the moral clarity was nice to hear after listening to the degeneracy of Hamas allies and the fellow travelers that infest the American left these days.  

Democrats who’ve spent years defending the likes of Rashida Tlaib or Ben Rhodes or BLM or CAIR or whomever else are now feigning surprise that Soviet-style “anti-Zionists” are in their midst. And these aren’t members of some fringe groups dressing up like a bunch of Nazis in front of Disney World. They’re celebrated and educated and deeply embedded in left-wing intellectual circles, in major universities, in bureaucracies, in Congress, in establishment publications, and in cable news channels.

Some on the center-left have spoken out. Most leaders have not. I’m not suggesting censoring anyone. But if you’re too much of a coward to denounce these people at this point, when will you?

So, anyway, Biden’s speech was nice. But what are Democrats going to do? It is likely that the United States is providing Israel with intelligence assistance. One hopes we’ll provide diplomatic cover rather than engage in the Obama-era machinations that treated the Jewish State as if it were barely an ally. All that is also appreciated.

When, however, will the administration rescind the $6 billion waiver it gave the Iranian mullahs, who have spent decades murdering and kidnapping American citizens, in addition to fueling war against our allies in the Middle East?