OK, wait a minute. Guilford County Schools have already invested quite a bit of time (and money, I assume) doing the legwork for the Village at Eastern.

Now school board chairman Alan Duncan tells county commissioners they have new information that still makes the Carolina Corporate Center a viable option. What, they were able to reduce renovation costs to $10 per square foot?

Seriously, the N&R did not elaborate on what new information Duncan had that made the corporate center a live option. I’ll take a look at the replay of last night’s meeting to see if he shared that information commissioners.

Superintendent Terry Grier has stressed to the school board time and again that housing Eastern students for the ’07-’08 school year is a time-sensitive issue. The school board meets again Tuesday night, so they’ll have the opportunity to finalize the issue in a hurry. Maybe.

Update: Duncan did nt provide commissioners with details about the corporate center. We’ll have to wait the the school board meeting on Tuesday night.