Say, how about turning your medical records over to the federal government? Don’t worry about where you should mail them. Your insurance company will be required to send them for you thanks to the new health care law.

This is for your own good, so that the government can make sure your doctor is doing the job they way the government thinks he should. It’s just one of many nasty Obamacare surprises that those who read the bill and members of the alternative media warned were coming — and that the MSM ignored.

This is supposedly necessary so that government can monitor your doctor:

The HHS attempts to justify its proposal on the grounds that it has to be able to compare performance.

Let me translate that. The federal government will be monitoring your doctor’s performance to make sure you aren’t getting better medical care than someone else, or that you aren’t getting it more quickly than someone else.

Under the new health care law, everyone will wait longer for medical care, it will cost more for most and the odds are many employers will drop you, the Tennessean reports. That will wallop the middle class because the subsidies on the exchange aren’t close to what your employer was paying, so you’ll have to come up with thousands more a year out of pocket to pay for health care. That was no accident by the way. The whole Obamacare monstrosity is nothing but a health care redistribution plan. The American people are going to love this.