If the idea of Hollywood limousine liberals holding a bake sale to support President Obama’s re-election campaign isn’t funny enough, TIME humorist Joel Stein adds another amusing twist in his latest column.

The event might not pay for many ads in swing states, but the families said their other purpose was to teach their kids about the importance of political activism–a lesson that Sheldon Adelson’s kids are learning about 42 million times better. You could tell the kids were excited, since they knew that at any moment Michelle Obama could come by, confiscate everything and put out a bunch of carrot sticks. Plus, even in Hollywood there was some opposition to all this Obama love. One of the Massman-Johnson kids got flipped off. Until I heard this, I had no idea there were such angry people in the Green Party.

Leave it to Stein to point out that the first lady would likely frown upon the goodies sold to support her husband’s re-election bid.