Score one for the folks like me who are tired of ‘woke’ leftist politics invading everything from soda to baseball. Andrew Dunn reports for Carolina Journal on the Surry County commission’s 3-to-2 vote to tell Coke they’ve had enough.

Surry County commissioners are pushing back against major corporations for what they describe as a “bigoted, left-wing divisive political agenda.”

The first step: Removing all Coca-Cola machines from government buildings. The Board of County Commissioners voted to remove roughly 12 of them from county property earlier this month.

“I don’t think that the taxpayers and citizens of this county want us to spend their money on anything that is associated with the social justice, woke, Critical Race Theory, intolerant, bigoted, Democrat mob that is so prevalent in our country today,” said commissioner Eddie Harris shortly before the vote. “It’s 12 drink machines. But you know what, it will send a little bitty message that we’re not going to take it here in Surry County, and you can take your Coke machines and take them back to the house.” 

Yes, it’s a “little bitty message,” but it’s a message nevertheless. Coke won’t notice, and Coke won’t care. At least not until hundreds of other county commissioners make the same move.