Only the ongoing criminal conspiracy that passes for state government could meet to consider the veto of a $40 million corporate handout and come up with a $60 million corporate handout in its place.

These crooks do not get it and never will.

“We’ll take care of Goodyear and Bridgestone Firestone,” said state Sen. Tony Rand, a Fayetteville Democrat and serial taxpayer abuser.

Great. That’s not your damn job. You have no authority to take taxpayer dollars to “take care of” for-profit corporations.

For those playing at home the latest tally is $24 million for Goodyear, $22 million for Firestone, and $14 million more out there floating around to grease this deal with more votes. And do not forget the $15 million in handouts for Norfolk Southern to move its rail yard from Belmont to Charlotte-Douglas Airport. That little deal has somehow escaped any attention.

Well, not really. This is North Carolina.

Update: Becki Gray relates that Sen. Rand put the move on Matthews Republican Rep. Jim Gulley in an attempt to get his vote for the handout package. Gulley said no.

I wonder if the rest of the delegation will be so principled.