There apparently will be a huge national protest in favor of more automated cashiers in fast-food restaurants. A hundred cities, including Raleigh and Durham, will feature in this coordinated campaign.

The most ingenious part of the campaign is convincing workers whose jobs will be obsoleted by the kiosks to demand that they be priced out of work. They have also somehow gotten media and leftist activists to go along. (If your thinking wasn’t correctly aligned, then you might think that none of them understand the fast-food business model or that demand curves slope downwards.) But here, take a look at the campaign:

Some employees of Raleigh and Durham fast-food restaurants are planning to walk off the job Thursday as part of a 100-city strike aimed at securing better pay.

Thousands of workers are expected to stage walkouts across the country, part of a push that began a year ago to get chains like McDonald’s, Taco Bell and Wendy’s to pay workers higher wages. Workers want the right to unionize and secure a pay raise to about $15 per hour.

Not mentioned in the news stories: the fact that Obamacare has created perverse incentives for employers to keep workers part-time so they don’t have to purchase increasingly expensive health insurance for them. Which has also increased the price of hiring human beings.