It’s entitled The Message of Massachusetts and it nails the truth: contra Rahm Emanuel, a crisis is a terrible thing to exploit. (Well, a terrible thing for statists to exploit; if we could exploit the crisis by, oh, getting rid of Fannie Mae, repealing the Community Reinvestment Act and many other federal downsizings, that would be terrific.)

The editorial accurately pins our economic plight (and the sinking popularity of Beloved Leader Obama) on the fact that Obama and his cronies have single-mindedly pursued a socialist vision of vastly expanded government control. The community organizer who has no understanding of business and the economy has been egged on by a cabal of leftist true believers in Congress led by Barney Frank, Henry Waxman, Pete Stark, George Miller, David Obey, and Ed Markey — all long-serving Democrats whose districts are so safe that they get automatically re-elected no matter how much damage their interventionist notions do.

Perhaps relatively few American voters can articulate precisely what is wrong with their socialist agenda, but they understand that a vast increase in spending and borrowing can’t be the way back to prosperity.