First of all, it is a shame that the government that is supposed to be protecting inalienable Constitutional rights presumes its loyal subjects must pay it $90 every five years, take a course, and get fingerprinted in order to exercise their rights. Those who want to be good citizens find themselves spitting in the face of the Supreme Law of the Land, while those who don’t care a rip about law and order can have all the guns they want. In modern logic, one loves the chi-i-i-i-i-ildren by waving Kleenex, lip balm, or other approved items at mass murders in action.

Second of all, Western North Carolina has a new marketing strategy that may work better than painting buses or giving oodles of tax breaks to large corporations that would relocate to the area anyway. Of the ten NC counties with the highest per capita concealed carry permit rates, all are west of Charlotte. In first place is Cherokee County. It is followed by Mitchell, Macon, Graham, and Clay.