Tara Servatius doubles back to “artist” Thomas Sayre’s racket of selling the same thing over and over again to dopey government officials looking to burn through their art-in-construction budgets.

Tara points out that Sayre’s “Furrow” recently installed along the South Blvd. light rail line at a cost of $142,500 looks an awful lot like his “Harrow” planned for the Indianapolis airport.

Why don’t we just pay these guys the money to go away and stop pretending that we are getting “art” in return? Is that too much to ask? It is bad enough that tax dollars pay for this stuff, but to insult our intelligence by calling it a unique work of art makes it worse.
I’ve also got serious questions about the safety of installing these huge disk things smack up against a very busy South Blvd.

They look like one good smack or a gust of wind or vibration from the train will take them down.

Hope I am wrong.

Guess if that happens we can borrow a disk from Indy.

No one will be able to tell the difference.

Except that our wallets are a little bit lighter.

Charlotte: Furrow
Indy: Harrow

Update: Fixed this for IE users who were getting a mess. But had to shrink the pics.