The Rhino on the Greensboro City Council spat over local blogger Ben “Troublemaker” Holder’s neighborhood development contract:

Councilmember Jamal Fox definitely got out of hand at the meeting, raising his voice at Mayor Nancy Vaughan when Vaughan pointed out that she had called him seven times and he had not returned the call. Fox questioned her “integrity.” Councilmember Mike Barber told Fox he was “out of line.”

Fox then went after Councilmember Zack Matheny.

Matheny asked, “Are you going to question my integrity now?”

Fox replied, “Your integrity has been questioned years ago.”

You may disagree with Mayor Vaughan’s politics and policies, but I believe her to be a person of integrity and if she says she called and emailed, then she did.

By the same token, John Hammer concedes that Fox is right when he calls out other council members for giving Holder a job just to get him off their backs. And I haven’t read any ringing endorsements for Holder from council members.

Which is not knocking the Troublemaker. When a man’s got a family to support, he’s gotta do what he’s gotta do. Perhaps he can bring about effective change from the inside without becoming an “insider.”