You might not expect to read the words “Donald Trump” and “humility” in the same sentence. Michael Knowles explains in a Daily Wire column that the concepts are not mutually exclusive.

No one is better at deprecating President Trump than President Trump—just ask him. And yet for all the boasting and braggadocio, the man who never saw a building he didn’t want to slap his name on has lately exposed a surprising humble streak. Earlier this month during the Kavanaugh confirmation circus, Trump answered a reporter’s question about alcohol by explaining, “I can honestly say I’ve never had a beer in my life. It’s one of my only good traits.” As the reporters laughed, he asked, “Can you imagine if I had, what a mess I’d be? I’d be the world’s worst.” The exchange revealed a frank self-assessment from the greatest self-promoter of his age.

Last week, in an Oval Office meeting following the release of American pastor Andrew Brunson from a Turkish prison, Brunson told Trump, “We would like to pray for you. We pray for you often as a family. My wife and I pray for you.” Trump responded, “Well, I need it probably more than anybody in this room. So I would—that would be very nice. Thank you.” …

… Trump will not calm the seas, he won’t save the planet, and he won’t absolve you of your sins. He’s Donald Trump, and he holds himself in too realistic a regard for that sort of messianic claptrap.