John Fund writes at National Review Online that President Trump ought to avoid coming across as a “Lone Ranger” within his administration.

Donald Trump’s accusation that the Obama administration conducted an investigation, including wiretapping, against his campaign has reignited the debate about his, ahem, unorthodox way of counterpunching against opponents.

Liberals are convinced that Trump is acting like a sinister Darth Vader character by using distraction to cover up a huge scandal involving Team Trump’s ties to Russia. Mainstream media types view Trump as an impulsive Inspector Clouseau–type character, improvising stories as he goes along. Jake Tapper of CNN tweeted a criticism of Trump’s behavior: “POTUS makes wild accusation w/zero evidence . . . WH tells Congress to find evidence/no further comment.”

Trump supporters have fallen back on speculating that the president is like Columbo, the seemingly disorganized TV detective who always traps his quarry at the last minute. …

… So which character does Trump most resemble? I’m not sure, but I do know that Trump isn’t acting like a team leader. By tweeting out his explosive charge early on Saturday morning, he left supporters and allies scratching their heads to figure out what he was talking about.